What is the Museum?


The Museum of Ancient and Modern Art is a multi-faceted museum tucked away in the Sierra foothills. Under the imaginative and creative guidance of a dynamic staff of volunteers, it is meeting the challenges of the twenty-first century with success and self-assurance. MAMA is a tax-exempt non-profit educational organization which has been incorporated since 1981. The assembly of its diversified collection began almost twenty-five years ago. The Museum has so far operated exclusively from its own fund-raising efforts without the benefit of Federal or State funding. The Museum of Ancient and Modern Art is dedicated first and foremost to educating the public through a variety of services and programs, and second only to assembling a first rate collection of works of art worthy of preservation for posterity.


MAMA is the proud owner of a prestigious collection of antiquities, in the form of marble, terracotta, bronze, silver, and gold. Its more modern collections focus on works on paper and important historical art books containing original etchings, engravings and woodcuts from 1529 on. Some of these books illustrate the history of printing and are a source of invaluable historical research. Equally remarkable is the Museum of Ancient and Modern Art's collection of African masks and statues representing over twenty different tribes from eight different countries. These have proved to be extremely appealing to visitors and are in constant demand.


In its analysis of MAMA's performance, the Institute of Museum Services, a government body which evaluates museums for funding, made note of the quality of the volunteer staff and its contagious enthusiasm. It recently stated that MAMA stood out among other museums because of its volunteers. The IMS also recognized the originality and innovativeness of the ideas and concepts that guide MAMA.