The Medieval Art of Illumination


DURATION: Total - 120 minutes. 60 minute assembly, 45 minute hands-on experience and 15 minute children's presentation.


COST: $350 per program

CONTACT: Zoe Alowan, TAP Tour Coordinator 530.432.3080

GROUP SIZE: up to 120 sutdents

Take a journey to medieval times in Europe when one of the great arts was the making of illuminated manuscripts. Travel to secret monastery libraries and scriptoria where books were created and hidden away. Learn about the history of writing, about the centers of illumination work, Romanesque art and architecture, the Bayeaux tapestry, how monks made vellum, ink and paints, and view first hand selected pages from the Beatus of Liebana, one of the most copied books of its time. the building of the cathedrals, amazing gargoyles, and the impact of the Crusades will all be discussed.

Beautiful murals and stained glass windows transport students back in time while a storyteller recounts an early recorded tale.

Hands-on learning experiences for students include:

Creating illuminated bookmarks

Writing with quill pens

Acting in a medieval play (in costume)

Sketching their classmates

Creating medieval amulets out of Sculpey