The Martians Have Landed !

Pathfinder on Mars GRADES: 4-8

DURATION: Total - 120 minutes. 60 minute assembly, 45 minute hands-on experience and 15 minute children's presentation.


COST: $350 per program

CONTACT: Zoe Alowan, TAP Tour Coordinator 530.432.3080

GROUP SIZE: up to 120 students

Students have the opportunity to view an extremely rare Martian meteorite. It is the exact kind that scientists recently used to prove to themselves that there is life on Mars. Students can't resist the excitement that comes with bringing a piece of Mars into their school.

Focusing on the SNC (pronounced snick) meteorites, students will take a look at how these rocks got to Earth. Images of Mars taken during ASA space probes will be viewed along with a variety of meteorites. Current space explorations, missions to Mars, asteroids, Martian geology and terraforming will be discussed.

An exciting way for 7th and 8th grade students to step into space science.

Hands-on learning experiences for students include:

Examining meteorites

Creative writing

Making Martian soil

Building Marscapes from clay

Planning a mission to Mars