Mummies, Myths and Magic


DURATION: Total - 120 minutes. 60 minute assembly, 45 minute hands-on experience and 15 minute children's presentation.


COST: $350 per program

CONTACT: Jewel McInroy Coordinator, 530 432-3080

Students are transported to early Egypt in this imaginary expedition to a myster- ious and ancient land. They learn about the Weighing of the Soul in the Hall of Truth that the Egyptians faced upon dying, as well as the secrets of the mummification process.

This traveling exhibit features replicas of an Egyptian sarcophagus, Canopic jars, a cat mummy, figurines of Osiris, Isis and Horus, scarabs and ushabtis, a lifesize replica of 18th Dynasty Princess Merit-aten's mummy, a miniature Egyptian palace, excerpts from one of the oldest books in existence, the Papryus of Am, otherwise known as The Egyptian Book of the Dead. Ancient Egyptian dance postures  are part of the teaching tools that accompany this exhibit. 

Hands-on learning experience for students include:

  • Ancient Egyptian dance postures
  • Ancient incenses
  • Sketching ancient artifacts
  • Making artifacts and mummies from Sculpey
  • Wearing Egyptian masks

A perfect way for fifth, sixth and seventh grade students to envision the past and synthesize their understanding of ancient civilization.