When Dinosaurs Invented Flowers


DURATION: Total - 120 minutes. 60 minute assembly, 45 minute hands-on experience and 15 minute children's presentation.

COST: $350 per program

CONTACT: Zoe Alowan, TAP Tour Coordinator 530.432.3080

GROUP SIZE: up to 120 students

What were dinosaurs really like? How did the eating habits of of dinosaurs help create flowers?  During this expedition students will enter a dinosaur habitat by way of a beautifully handpainted mural, come face-to-face with a life-size Triceratops, and hear the call of Parasaurolophus as they travel back in time. The children will see the sensational workings of a dinosaur stomach, visualize the time line of the dinosaur epoch, and get the inside scoop on the adaptive strategies of these amazing creatures in this action-filled presentation.

Children will view a work of animation with over 30 animated 3-D dinosaurs and participate in a challenging fun-filled activity where they identify their favorite dinosaurs walking, running, flying, and fishing for food.

Hands-on learning experiences for students include: 

Walking a dinosaur trackway

Examining fossils

Making dinosaurs out of Sculpey

Creating a dinosaur mural

Building a Maiasaurus nest

This experience will enable students to better imagine what it might have been like to be a dinosaur, and to develop an understanding of how dinosaurs fit into our lives today.