Dear MAMA,

Thank you for the wonderful and educational ancient Egyptian presentation.

Zoe Alowan and the other docents were excellent in their approach. They shared their knowledge and expertise with our 205 sixth grade students while keeping their interest throughout the entire presentation. This offered a perfect culmination to our study of the ancient Egyptian culture. The students especially enjoyed seeing the Egyptian artifacts including the mummified cat, the beautiful murals and the model of the Egyptian temple. Many students also commented on the myth of Isis and Osiris since this is something they have befome familiar with in our class rooms.

The myth was made even more meaningful by burning the incense, darkening the

the room and seeing the dancer perform.  Thank you for the extraordinary presentation which will be long remembered by my students and the entire sixth grade student body.


Julie Foster, Sixth Grade Teacher Anna McKenney School


Dear MAMA,

If it is all possible, I would be very happy if you came back next year and showed us more about ancient Egypt.


Kody Macarty 

P.S. Please come back