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Measures 12" high. It has a nice weight to it, is stamped "hand-made in Greece" on the bottom and numbered. It is painted in the typical style of that period when the background was light (red) and drawings were dark (black), as opposed to the earlier period, the Dorian period, when the background was dark and the drawing was light, or red and black. The original dates from c.450 B.C., the height of the Classical period, otherwise known as the Hellenistic period.
Artemis and Apollo
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The figures depict a scene with Artemis standing with a fawn at her side and a bird in her hand. She is the Huntress, known as Diana by the Romans. She is a friend to nature and animals love her. Beside her sits Apollo playing a harp. Between them, a bushes unfolds its branches, thus producing a very bucolic scene. A large floral-like pattern adorns the other side of the Amphora. The detail of the figures, clothing, animals, plants are all very fine.