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The item we are offering here is an Amphora that measures 10" high. It has a nice weight to it, is stamped on the bottom and numbered 113, and is painted in the typical style of that period when the background was light (red) and drawings were dark (black), as opposed to the earlier period, the Dorian period, when the background was dark and the drawing was light, or red and black. The original dates from c.450 B.C., the height of the Classical period, otherwise known as the Hellenistic period.

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Dionysos and Satyr
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The Amphora is a vase that was designed principally as a storage vessel for oil or wine. It has two handles for ease of handling and is usually shaped like a swollen vase with a large mouth. The figures depict a scene with Dionysos being served some wine by a Satyr while he lays outstretched on a couch with a female figure at his feet, on the floor. The scene is enlivened by a floral pattern that spreads above it. The detail of the couch, the floor, the figures, is all very fine. In addition, the amphora is enhanced by geometric designs, and a large pattern on the back of the vase which is intended to be displayed unidirectionally.