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Lekythos Oil Jug
Lekythos Oil Jug
Achilles Myth

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The Lekythos is a jug that was designed for the daily use of oil around the kitchen and possibly even to refill oil lamps, although this one seems small to cater to all domestic needs, therefore, one can assume that it was restricted to culinary uses. The original dates from c. 450 B.C., the height of the Classical period, otherwise known as the Hellenistic period. The scene that was painted on this Lekythos depicts Achilles readying himself to mount his horse. A servant helps hold the horse in place in preparation for Achilles' mounting it, while a female figure overlooks the departure. The other characteristic graphic details include the typical geometric patterns as well as an ornamental pattern on the reverse. The handle is delicate as is the neck.
Lekythos (lay-kee-toze) measures 8 1/2" high. It is stamped on the bottom and hand-numbered. Its narrow neck and deep mouth allowed the liquid to flow out slowly.

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