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Oinochoe Wine Jug
Oinochoe Wine Jug Three Muses

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This reproduction is an Oinochoe (pronounced oy No. Ko. Ay), which is a vase that was designed as a wine jug from which wine was poured directly into the cups. It has one handle and is shaped very much like a modern pitcher. The original dates from c.450 B.C., the height of the Classical period, otherwise known as the Hellenistic period. This vase in its original form was created at about the same time as some of the great comedies of antiquity were written, such as "The Clouds," "The Peace" and "The Birds" by Aristophanes. Perhaps Aristophanes used an oinochoe to help lighten his mood and get him in the spirit of things.
This beautiful Classic Greek Oinochoe Wine Jug is a hand-crafted, hand-painted and hand-turned vase that will provide a bridge to another time and will handsomely decorate a bookshelf, pedestal or table.

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