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Hecate is the Greek goddess of the crossroads and is depicted carrying torches to light the way. She was a Greek goddess with two quite distinct aspects to her personality. In the day she had a benign influence on farming, but during the hours of the night she was involved in witchcraft, ghosts and tombs. This darker side gradually superseded her kinder side and she has become an infernal deity, a snake goddess with three heads: a dog's, a horse's, and a lion's. Hecate was portrayed with her three bodies, back to back, carrying a spear, a sacrificial cup, and a torch. She is usually seen with two ghost hounds that were said to serve her. The Athenians were particularly respectful towards her, and once a month they placed offerings of food at crossroads, where her influence was strongest. The most powerful magic incantations of antiquity were connected with Hecate. She reigned over the powers of sorcery, witchcraft, enchantment, black magic, fertility, death, the crossroads, and renewal. Hecate, powerful in heaven, earth and hell, possessed all the great dark knowledge, and is rightfully called the mother of witches. She was the great goddess of magic. This wonderful hand-crafted modern reproduction measures 10.5" tall. The original is located in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
10.5" H.
Bonded Stone and Polyresin, Hand-finished. Sale Price $50 ORDER
Priority Mail Shipping $11.50 / First Goddess