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Isis & Queen Nefertari
Wall Relief

Valley of the Queens, Luxor, 1270 B.C.

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This plaque is deeply carved which makes it stunning to behold all the incredible detail. The art of reproductions goes all the way back to antiquity. Already by Roman times there was a long history of the world and of its great civilizations, and the Romans are probably among the earliest civilization to begin copying its predecessors in a variety of ways from religious beliefs and practices, to art and architecture. It is difficult for us, who are so distant in time, to imagine that by the time of Christ, Egypt not only had a very long history behind it, but it was already shrouded in mystery. It's not as if they were contemporary. The pyramids and the Sphinx had existed for thousands of years and were quite the objects of fascination....
This 24" Isis and Queen Nefertari wall plaque comes with the necessary hanging hardware on the back.

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