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Egyptian Goddess of Joy

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From the very earliest pre-dynastic days, the Egyptian cat was considered a sacred animal of ancient Egypt. It was highly venerated and identified with deity. Bastet is the daughter of the sun god and also represents the powers of the moon. As a sun goddess Bastet represents the warm, life giving power of the sun. Her cult appears as early as the Second Dynasty. Like a cat, she was admired for her agility and strength. Bastet defended Ra against the serpent Apep. To please the cat goddess, her devotees consecrated statues of the cat in large numbers. When a cat died, it was considered to be an act of great merit to provide for its funeral.
This elegant reproduction is made of polymer with hand detailing and gold highlights. Here, Bastet wears a collar, a nose ring and a pair of earrings. In addition, she bears a winged beetle on her chest. This statue measures 10 1/4" high. It is black with green overtones.

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