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Large Canopic Jars
Large Canopic Jars / detail
Large Canopic Jars

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The originals from which this set was made are Late Period, 664-332 B.C. and are part of the Petrie Collection at London University. Canopic jars were in use from the Old Kingdom onwards in Egypt to store various internal organs removed during the process of mummification. They were four in number and eventually came to represent the Four Sons of Horus. Each jar has a characterisitc head associated with the demi-god charged with the safekeeping of a particular human organ. These four genii also represent the four cardinal points of the compass. Duamutef, the jackal-headed jar representing the east, contained the stomach and was protected by the goddess Neith. Qebehsenuef, the falcon-headed jar, representing the west, contained the intestines and was protected by the goddess Nephthys. Imseti, the human-headed jar representing the south, contained the liver and was protected by the Goddesss Isis. The fourth jar had the head of Hapi and contained still further organs.
These Canopic Jars measure approximately 9" high and have lids that are easily removed.

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