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Seated Anubis
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Jackal Headed Anubis with Human Body
Anubis was the Guardian of the Necropolis (cemetery) and of the dead as they made their way through the darkness of the underworld. As a patron of magic, it was believed he could foresee a person's destiny, in this role he was the announcer of death. Anubis was the patron of embalming and the keeper of poisons and medi- cines. He provided unguents and rare herbs to help Isis and Nephthys with the embalming of Osiris and performed the funeral of Osiris. As he received the mummy into the tomb, he performed the 'Opening of the Mouth' ceremony. It was also Anubis that protected the dead from Ammut the Devourer.
This lovely Seated Anubis resin cast statue measures 6.5" high and will make a lovely addition to your altar, bookshelf or table.

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