Scarab Pendant & Bracelet
Ancient Style Blue/Green Soapstone Handcarved Amulets with Silver Filigree Bezels, Pendant and Bracelet


1999 - 2004 Avikagrafik
EGYPTIAN SCARAB Amulet and Bracelet

The scarab beetle was the image of self-creation for ancient Egyptians. In hieroglyphics, the beetle actually meant "to be transformed" and was a symbol of New Life.
This is a sturdy and handsome ancient style set handcarved of blue-green soapstone with silver filigree bezels. Handcrafted in Egypt.
The scarabs are prepared as they were in ancient times: first they're handcarved, then fired, then painted, then fired and glazed, then fired. Then, they are affixed to the finely filigreed Egyptian Sterling Silver bezel, with the generous silver collar on the reverse. The carvings on the reverse of the scarabs are visible inside the bezel collar.

The pendant measures 1 3/4" in length, and is ready to hang on your chain or cord. The bracelet scarabs are each 1" high and 3/4"wide.

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