Eye of Horus Mug
Egypt Mug Panel
This 11 oz. mug is made of porcelain, and are dishwasher and microwave safe. They have been made to last through ordinary use.

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1999 - 2001 Avikagrafik

Eye of Horus

This mug design is a detail from an Egyptian Tomb with two glorious Eyes of Horus, the symbol of Wholeness, to watch over you. The inscription is from a poem written by Pharaoh Ahkenaten, husband of the fair Queen Nefertiti, whose likeness was formed into a bust of surpassing beauty and still defines feminine loveliness even today. Pharoah Ahkenaten's poem was written to glorify the Sun God, Aten, and gives us a wonderful image of the lush Nile valley as it must have been 3500 years ago.

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