Bastet Throw
100% cotton gold on black which reverses nicely to black/gold, 48" x 68" blanket.



1999 - 2004 Avikagrafik

BAST was the goddess par excellence of the eastern part of the Delta in Bubastis, the capital of Lower Egypt. The form in which the goddess was worshipped in the earliest times was that of a cat. According to one legend, Bast was the personification of the soul of Isis. If we are to seek the meaning of her name in Egyptian, we must connect it with the word for fire bes and regard the goddess as the female personification of the power of the Sun-god as manifest through heat and light. From another aspect, Bast was regarded as exercising a special power over women who were with child as she appears on several occasions as one of the goddesses of the birth-chamber. The chief festivals of the goddess Bast were celebrated in the months of April and May.

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