Anubis Plaque
This exquisitely carved plaque measures 11" tall by 5 1/2" wide. It comes to you with the necessary hanger on the back.

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1999-2004 Avikagrafik
Wall Plaque

ANUBIS or Anpu, son of Nephthys, sister of Isis, was the jackal god of the dead. He superintended funerals and, with Thoth and Maat, presided over the ceremony of the Weighing of the Heart. Anubis led the souls of the dead into the Kingdom of Osiris and possessed the power to overcome evil forces which might be encountered along the way. To protect an Ancient Egyptian tomb from evil spirits and devils, an amulet of Anubis was placed on a tablet of incense and put on a brick in the east wall of the tomb. Also, an amulet representing the two fingers of Anubis who assisted Osiris to climb the ladder to heaven was placed in with a mummy to assist the soul on its journey.

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