Mother of Pearl Inlaid Chess Set EGYPTIAN Mother of Pearl Chess Set
Sale Price $349.99
Silver Isis Earrings/Pendant EGYPTIAN Silver ISIS Pendant & Earrings
Sale Price $39.99
Scarab, Beaded Necklace Handcarved EGYPTIAN Scarab Amulet and 26 Bead Necklace
Sale Price $11.99
Gold-Leafed Isis Statue The Goddess ISIS
Sale Price $164.99
ANKH Statue

Sale Price $25.99
Eye of Horus Mug Eye of Horus Mug
Sale Price $12.99
Silver Hieroglyphics Bracelet EGYPTIAN Silver HIEROGLYPHICS Cuff Bracelet
Sale Price $99.99
Bastet Throw BASTET Throw
Sale price $54.99
Papyrus of Ani Mug PAPYRUS of ANI Mug
Sale Price $12.99
Isis Throw ISIS Throw Blanket
Sale Price $52.99.
Brass Etched Pyramids Etched Brass PYRAMIDS Set of 3. Sale Price $27.99 Bastet Mug BASTET Mug 10oz.
Sale Price $10.99
Egyptian Dumbek / Tambourine Set Egyptian Tambourine / Dumbek Set
Handmade in Egypt.
Sale Price $59.99
Nefertiti Bust Leather Box Leather Box with Gold embossed Bust of Nefertiti
Sale Price $9.99
Hathor Oil Lamp Egyptian Goddess

Sale Price $12.99
The Goddess Sekhmet Wall Relief

SEKHMET Wall Relief
Sale Price $59.99

Bastet Flutes BASTET
Champagne Flutes

Sale Price $29.99
Bastet on Scarab  Statue Statue of BASTET Mounted on a Scarab
Sale Price $24.99
Scarab Pendant & Bracelet Handcarved SCARAB & Silver Pendant &Bracelet. Sale Price $79.99 Exquisite Black Scarab Handcarved SCARAB
Sale Price $29.99
Isis Mug ISIS Mug
Sale Price $12.99
Egyptian Dumbek Drum EGYPTIAN Dumbek. Handmade Drum.
Sale Price $59.99
Egyptian Tambourine Handmade Tambourine
Sale Price $29.99
Mother of Pearl Inlaid Box EGYPTIAN Wood Box Inlaid with Mother of Pearl
Sale Price $19.99
The Offering of Maat Wall Relief The Offering of MAAT Wall Relief Panel
Sale Price $129.99
Anubis Plaque ANUBIS Plaque
Sale Price $36.99
Isis / Cartouche Pendant Egyptian Sterling Silver ISIS / Cartouche Pendant Sale Price $17.99
Egyptian Handblown 24k Perfume Bottles 24k & Glass EGYPTIAN Perfume Bottles. Set of 6.
Sale Price $54.99
The Sphinx A Statue of the SPHINX
Sale Price $24.99
Ankh & Cobra Egyptian Sterling Silver Pin Silver ANKH & Cobra Pin
Sale Price $24.99