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A Word of Thanks

The Museum of Ancient and Modern Art gratefully acknowledges the generous contributions of the following Museum supporters:

Terry McAteer, Nevada County Superintendent of Schools

Linda Copeland, Nevada County Library

Darla Rossa, Cadette Manufacturing

Stephen Kress, Frame-Fit

Carol Feinman, The Union Newspaper

Julie Lambert, NASCO

B & C Lumber

Wayne Hoyle, Kelly Services

Elizabeth Mills, I.C.I. Acrylics

Dolly Wood, Specialty Tape

Tammy Krause, Neilson Bainbridge

Tim Elston, Plasmadyne Animation Science

Connie Hartman, Hartman Foamboard Specialists

Maureen Bissing and Linda Laska, Canson Talons

Mary Ann Popovich, The Cleveland Museum of Art

Stan and Helen Fejta, Indian Springs Wildlife Preserve

Robbert and Nancy Burns Trice, Resonance Fine Art Framing

Judges: Peggy Carlson, Paul Green, Larry Hierman, Debi Best

Prizes: Mountain Pastimes, Discovery Garden, Jewel in the Crown, The Earth Store, Odyssey Books, The Book Seller, Harmony Books, Ames Books, Ben Franklin

Traveling Art Program Docents

Marie Ellerby, Janna Hart, Maureen Nelly, Yanesh,

Jewel Mc Inroy, Zoe Alowan

Artist Volunteers

Della Heywood, Denise Wey, Lee Perry, Lin Larsen, Lily Nova

Tim Elston, Robbert Trice, David Christie, Iven Lourie, Bill Albin

Matthew Cogley, Annie Marks, Menlo Macfarlane, Kelly Rivera,

Nancy Christie, Rudy Udarbe, George Marks, Zoe Alowan, Janna Hart