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TAP (Traveling Art Program)

From Nevada City Elementary to Charles E. Mack School in Sacramento, the Museum's T.A.P. Program has been on the move drawing rave reviews from teachers and students. For over five years MAMA has been providing this rich resource to children throughout Northern California.

Often students who were participants in the program on ancient Egypt called, "Mummies, Myth and Magic" in years past, beg their teachers to allow them to help with the sixth grade on the day MAMA comes to their school. The combination of lecture presentations with replicas of an 18th Dynasty sacrophagus, canopic jars, artifacts and real Egyptian style dancers and hour long hands-on art exploration elicits such response as this one from Roberto;"Thank you for coming to our class.. it was magnificent and fun. I liked it when you talked about Howard Carter who found King Tut. I participated in hieroglyphics and it was fantastic."

"When Dinosaurs Invented Flowers", "The Medieval Art of Illumination" and "The Martians Have Landed" are the titles of other TAP tours which offer children an increasingly rare opportunity to explore science and history through the arts. For more information call Jewel McInroy or Zoe Alowan at 432-3080. Also see the current list of TAP Tours.

"Mummies, Myth and Magic"

Students at Charles E. Mack School in Sacramento performing ancient dance movements.