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Review of Summer
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Seventh Annual "From a Kid's Point of View"

Paper Making Origami - Japanese Paper Folding
Splash Painting Amazing Mobiles
Silk Painting Charcoal and Collage
Tell Me a Story Storytelling by Children
Fierce and Friendly Animal Masks Shaping Jungle Animals
Mural Painting When Dinosaurs Invented Flowers
Summer Paintings - Acrylic Medium and Tissue Paper Storytelling by Children

Paper Making

"What a great way to start off the summer. We made piles and piles of handmade paper."

- Lily Nova


Splash Painting

"Painting on handmade paper was a new experience for the kids. We tried different kinds of paper and the class especially enjoyed "painting" with glitter.

- Richard Hart


Silk Painting

"Earlier in the year, Nancy Christie brought her expertise to forty young silk painters. The black resist proved truly resistant this time, yet the painters prevailed creating some wonderful pieces.The brilliant colors are stunning!"

- Zoe Alowan

Andy Tweed, age 11

Dwight Lawrence, age 5,"Sunrise"


Tell Me a Story

"Coaxing the children's imaginations, I told them a story, "The Baker's Daughter." Some painted graphics from the story and others created waterfalls, unicorns and self portraits."

Zoe Alowan

"The Owl and the Fairy" by Jessica Coulombe, age 9


Fierce and Friendly Animal Masks

"The end result comes out great! It is proof of their enthusiasm and ability to realize their vision. Ribbons were received by many of these children at the Nevada County Fair for their mask work."

Denise Wey

Kimberlie Modlin, age 7, with Lion Mask


Summer Paintings - Acrylic Medium and Tissue Paper

"Allowing children to work with pure color without the techniques of drawing or painting opens up a whole new appreciation for abstraction. The tissue paper when overlapped and coated with the varnish medium becomes transparent and shows what happens when two or more colors are put closely together."

Della Heywood

Flower Garden by the River, Chelsea Silverman, age 9



Mural Painting

"The children created an enchanted mural within this magical Saturday morning forum for young creativity. In so doing, a new small world was experienced."

Martin Brown, guest artist from London, England


Origami - Japanese Paper Folding

"Folding paper is a very rewarding experience. You can make a swan, a sturdy box, a flying plane, with just a little know-how and concentration. It was wonderful sharing these basic skills with the children and watching how quickly they became adept at them".

- Matthew Cogley


Amazing Mobiles

"Making mobiles, the children learn about balance and design. It is pleasure to watch their creations take form."

- David Christie


Charcoal and Collage


Reader in the Secret Garden Freaked Out
by J.T. Smith, age 12 by Tomiscena Hughes, age 14  Tony Hughes, age 11


Shaping Jungle Animals

I like to set up the conditions for young artists to see the shapes and pictures waiting to be revealed right inside the blank paper. It was a challenge for the kids to work so big.

Tim Elston 


When Dinosaurs Invented Flowers

"After a short discussion on the early struggles between the plants and the dinosaurs, the class launched into painting some of the most charming and ferocious dinosaurs imaginable."

- Zoe Alowan

Gigantisaurus by Daniel Roediger, age 9


Storytelling by Children

"The children enjoyed making up stories about the pictures that they drew. "The Happy Bugs" was an especially memorable tale."

Janna Hart