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Sponsoring the children's art program is one of the cornerstones of the Museum's educational program. It provides a way of insuring that future generations know about the great cultural pageant of history. Watching a child discover what a guy named Chagall did, or trying to make a copy of a Rembrandt portrait makes it clear to me why we do all this.

These programs cost money. That's where you can come in as parents. Nevada County has a real opportunity to establish a serious Museum right here. The musuem could use help from all of us. For instance, the donnation of a building to present Museum exhibits would be very useful to the community as well as being useful tax wise for the donnor. Help comes as well in the form of volunteering and donating money.The Traveling Art Program seeks helpers as well.

There are several ways you could assist. Some people prefer to make a monthly gift of some amount that is comfortable and very simply fits into their budget. Any amount will help. So don't be shy. Other folks prefer to make larger one time gifts to fund entire programs or collections. If this is something you would like to do call us and we could work out something.

All gifts of cash support to the museum are fully tax deductible. If you would like to discuss how these charitable gifts fit into your annual tax planning give us a call at 530/432-3080 or email us at contributions@mama.org.

It's really true that getting a helping hand allows the kids to stand just that much taller, maybe even tall enough to see a brighter future.