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Note from the
MAMA Children's Art Director

Hats off to all the artists who have donated their time over this last year and especially this summer to offer classes to the children. The variety of artistic mediums the kids have explored is amazing.

Many thanks also to the museum volunteers and parents who have made sure that art supplies were available for all the children. Most importantly, hats off to the kids! This group of young artists ages 3 to 16 have said "yes" to the artist within and have bravely shared their visions, explorations and inspirations with us.

"From a Kid's Point of View" is a collection of work that speaks eloquently about the impact of this fine art museum on our most precious community resource—our children. In turn their work has an effect on us. Their freedom of expression and perceptive imagery are an inspiration.

From viewing these works we will enjoy new insight into Picasso's often quoted remark, "It took me years to paint like Raphael but it has taken me my whole life to learn to draw like a child."

Honoring the essential beauty and vision of children is, for me, what the Saturday Morning Children's Art Classes are all about.If you enjoy children's art I invite you to come visit me  Kidartprints page on Ebay. In particular you will want to plan a visit in the year 2000 to MAMA's cyber museum where ,among other things, you will be able to visit your children's art in a walk through cyber gallery! See you there!

Zoe Alowan

MAMA Children's Art Director

Ninety second gesture drawing of Zoe Alowan by Anna Nelson, age 6.