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Jeff Spencer Modernist Wire Sculpture 18

Bras en Couronne

There are two basic positions for the arms. In one, the dancer keeps the fingers of both arms almost touching to form an oval shape, either almost touching the hips, or at navel level, or raised above the dancer's head. In the other, the arms are extended to the sides with the elbows slightly bent. These positions may be combined to give other positions. Names differ according to the school such as Vaganova, French, Cecchetti, and others.

In the Fifth position of arms in ballet, bras en couronne, both arms are rounded and held above and slightly forward of the head, a favorite of Jeff Spencer in choreographing many of his ballets. Jeff Spencer's ballet, "City Rooftops" features many arm positional transitions and derives its choreography from ancient dance as seen on the Academy of Ancient Dance website.

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