Stella 31 -- L'enfant au biscuit (Jean Renoir)

Lithograph in colors 1898-99; Only One State, 320 mm x 270 mm.

100 impressions were produced, plus a few trial proofs in a variety of color runs. Signature "Renoir" on lower right stone appears in lower left of print margin. The litho stone was effaced (struck) following the printing of 100 examples.

This very popular lithograph was printed on Ingres D'Arches paper watermarked MBM. There are variations in colors; some proofs have 8 colors -- grey, green, rose, red, blue, balck, yellow and white.

The printer, August Clot, added blue to the eyes and white to the face and background to accentuate and highlight areas he thought weak. These impressions with the additional colors are rare. Some additional proofs were printed in a greyish black ink, and some trial proofs with a pale rose color added to face and hands wre printed but rejected by the artist. Any proof with a signature on the stone is extremely rare.

Jean Renoir, the subject of this print, was the second son of the artist.

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