Stella 30 -- Le chapeau eplingle 2e planche

Lithograph in colors 1898. This very popular and highly collectible print is known in only one state, 600 mm x 488 mm, with some 200 impressions plus a few trial proofs. Signature is on the left in the litho stone and appears on the lower right ground of the print well within the composition.

The version of printing in 11 colors carries a second signature at the bottom of the plate. The litho stone was effaced (struck) following the final printing. No posthumous restrikes of this print exist.

There may have been as many as 500 impressions of this print produced, and the number of colors will vary in the edition in the same way that they appear in the variety of trial proofs.

The printer, August Clot, added the final colors, making a total of 11 colors -- it was he who mistakenly added the second signature on the 11th color run.

The Second State was produced in a run of 200 in all; 100 black, 50 bistre and 50 sanguine, prior to the production of the 200 full-color impressions. Additional proofs in various shades of blue also exist.

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