Stella 25 -- Le fleuve Scamandre, 2e planche

Etching 1900. First State before the reduction of the plate measured 270 mm x 204 mm; somewhere between 35 and 50 examples of the First State were produced, probably fewer than a dozen currently exist.

Second State, 252 mm x 193 mm; 55 were printed on Japon paper, 1,000 examples were printed on vellum paper; signature "Renoir" was stamped in the lower right margin outside the print ground. The plate was cancelled following this printing, and a few cancelled proofs exist, notably in the Mazo Collection.

This etching was published in the deluxe edition of Vollard's Tableaux pastels et dessins de Pierre-August Renoir, Chez A. Vollard, Paris, 1918, along with Stella 16, Etude pour une baigneuse, 1906, but were removed from the printed books prior to the destruction of the book itself.

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