Stella 8 -- Le Chapeau epingle (La fille de berthe Morisot et sa cousine)

Etching, 1894, First State is unknown.

Second State, 120 mm x 85 mm plate, 115 mm x 85 mm image.

Signed in plate "Renoir" lower left. Second State has some reworking, ie; crosshatching left background and right foreground, additions of burr and point to hats and flowers.

Published by Gustave Geffroy, la Vie artistique, (the artistic life) 3rd series, Paris, Dentu 1894. The deluxe examples contain 3 proofs each, one in black ink, one in bistre reddish-brown ink, and one in green ink. 15 were printed on Japon paper numbered 1-15; china paper, 16-30.

It was then republished by Georges Riviere in Renoir et ses Amis (Renoir & his friends), Paris, Floury, 1921.

Some posthumous restrikes of this print were produced in limited editions following the official edition.

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