Stella 5 -- Sur la plage, a Berneval (On the Beach at Berneval)

Etching, First State prior to plate reduction, 180 mm x 140 mm, very rare example.

Second State, 140 mm x 95 mm -- The plate is not yet bevelled.

Third State, 140 mm x 95 mm -- The plate is now bevelled.

In the First State there is a bather in the right middle portion of the plate just outside the main composition. This bather has been reduced out of the plate in the subsequent states.

the Second State was published by Theodore Duret, Les Peintres Impressionistes, 2nd Edition, Paris, Floury, 1919, facing page 16.

The Third State was published in Loys Delteil, Le peintre-graveur illustre XIXe et XXe siecles, vol. 17, Paris,1923.

Some restrikes of this plate were produced posthumously in limited editions.

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