Stella 4 -- Bert Morisot

Etching 1892, H 117 mm W 96 mm -- Signature reversed, lower left side of plate, published in Renoir, Theodore Duret, Paris, Bernheim-Jeune, 1924. The first 125 examples were printed on Japon paper and did not all contain the lettering below the plate. A proof exists on Verge paper with a note to A. Delatre signed by Renoir. This is described in Catalogue # 334, Librarie Auguste Blaizot, p. 25, Entry # 1429. This may be another State as the dimensions of the composition are 119 mm x 74 mm. There are some posthumous restrikes of this plate in which the lettering does not appear below the plate, thus: "11. -- PORTRAIT DE BERTHE MORISOT."

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