Title for Magazine, "Le Sourire"

Contours and reduction were cut with a pocket knife. The block has been broken off on the left side 6 mm from the last letter of the inscription. Upper portion of the block exhibits two depressions, and there are deep cuts in the right corner. Marks on the right-hand edge of the block shows evidence of deep pressure being exerted on the block.

The surface of the block is covered with a layer of brown oil paint which has flaked off in spots; it covers the cutaway portions of the carving, the face of the right-hand figure and partly covers the face of the left-hand figure as well. Some areas have been pressured to a point where they lie below the surface of the block, particularly in the inscription and the fine lines above it; most of the contours were rounded off in the process of printing by the artist when the block was first made.

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