Fritz Schwaderer was born December 27, 1901 and died April 22, 1974. He was a German-born American abstract expressionist. In 1937 he emigrated from Germany to California to get away from Hitler, with whom he violently disagreed. He painted with Hans Burkhardt and Arshile Gorky sometime around 1937.

Working independently in Los Angeles, Schwaderer's experimental investigative approach anticipated the development of abstract expressionist art in New York from the school of Hans and Maria Hoffman. His unique role as an important American painter is affirmed by the constant interest in his work. Schwaderer's paintings were destroyed by Hitler; none of his paintings prior to his emigration from Germany have survived, yet his output in the U.S. from 1940 to 1974 reconstructed his reputation as one of the most important painters of the German Expressionist Movement.