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Clay Play (tm)
August 11, 2001
Session Two, Class One

We started our new session in a circle and met the new classmates. The lump-of-clay sat in the center of the circle, waiting to be adorned. We identified our hands as the tools used to work the clay, and listed all the different parts of the hands: knuckles, tips, palms, building the vocabulary of the hands. Then we talked about what you could do with these tools: punch, squeeze, hit, stretch, poke. We then went around the circle taking turns changing the shape of the group sculpture. After the group sculpture was formed, everyone took a board and ball of clay, and began to see how they could use their hands to change the shape of their clay.

Liam called the group sculpture " Gophers and Chicks". The name made a transition from " A Train Headed to Chicago Loaded with Smokestacks" to " A Cave Filled with Gophers that were there for the Neighboring Chicks that are Going to Hatch". The whole thing then made a shift to "A Raft Landing in the Chicago Area".

Today was a very big storytelling day as you can tell.