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Clay Sculpture Created by the Group

Clay Sculpture Created by the Group

First Encounters with Clay

Session I, Class 1

As the children arrived we all sat down in a circle around a plain mushroom shaped mound of clay. Lee had used a whole 25 pound bag of clay and it was very impressive looking. We clapped a rhythm and spoke our names around the circle. Lee talked about the clay and said that the hands are the best tools to work with. We explored all parts of the hand;. the palm, the fingers, the side, etc. We decided to go around the circle and do one thing to the clay. Denise started by shoving her fist into it. Only some of the children participated on the first round. This time Denise slowly, very slowly pushed her finger all the way in until it disappeared. Lee asked, "Can you get it out?" "No problem", responded Denise, and she pulled her finger out. The kids were very impressed. Lee took a piece off of the "ball" and put it on top of the mound. On the second round more of the children participated. As this was taking place the children were moving closer and closer to the center mound of clay. We decided to do it one more time. This time, all the children participated. When the last child took her turn, the circle exploded with spontaneous applause. What a great feeling!

The children then received instructions that now each one was going to move to a table with their own board and ball of clay. We put on Andre Segovia playing Bach. It was perfect. The kids were so happy with that little ball of clay. They made all manner of things; nests, bunnies, eggs, snakes, etc. many asked to have their clay sculptures photographed. They were eager to show their work. At the end of the sessions (Clay I and Clay II) the children rolled up their clay and put it away with their parent's help and washed their hands. Some of the 3 and 4 year olds even helped clean up. We're looking forward to next week.

Denise Wey
Lee Perry