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MAMA'S ArtPlay Program

The Museum of Ancient and Modern Art's Artplay Program supports children to be healthy, imaginative, creative, and confident. Children, 3 to 5, enjoy positive art experiences that are genuinely responsive to their many diverse learning styles under the skillful direction of creative art instructors.

Parents and caregivers as well, receive direction from practicing artists about what actually works to foster children's self-confidence and creativity.

The Artplay staff share the belief that children who develop the confidence and freedom to make something out of nothing - a piece of clay, a blank sheet of paper - have increased chances for imaginative problem solving and excellence, regardless of whatever career path they choose.

MAMA'S ARTPLAY is composed of three different classes that take place every Saturday morning (except for holidays) in six week sessions throughout the year.

ClayPlay I offered at no charge.
StoryArtPlay offered at no charge.
ClayPlay II offered on a sliding scale (limited enrollment)

MAMA'S ARTPLAY PROGRAM is made possible through a grant from THE NEVADA COUNTY CHILDREN and FAMILIES FIRST COMMISSION which yearly allocates funds from Prop 10 tobacco taxes for programs that support the well being of children 0 to 5 years of age in Nevada County.