Children's Art Academy

Since the day before its founding MAMA has maintained a dedicated effort toward children. This can be seen in the many excellent exhibits and especially in MAMA's Children's Art Academy. MAMA has been teaching art to children for two decades now and looks forward to many more.

MAMA Art Play (tm)

The Museum of Ancient and Modern Art's Artplay Program supports children to be healthy, imaginative, creative, and confident. Children, 3 to 5, enjoy positive art experiences that are genuinely responsive to their many diverse learning styles under the skillful direction of creative art instructors.

Clay Play (tm)

Part of the excellent ArtPlay program. Clay Play (tm) is a Hands-on, creative playtime with clay for preschoolers, 3 to 5 years of age, to develop confidence, creativity and imagination.


Also part of the excellent ArtPlay program. StoryArtPlay works with drama, art, and story telling -- Exploring art projects that emerge from children's own interests and ideas.

Saturday Morning Children's Art Class

Free art classes held at 10 am each Saturday morning in The Madelyn Helling Library Community Room are taught by professional artists who volunteer their time and expertise to provide artistic guidance and inspiration for young people 6 to 16 years of age. Class schedules are published quarterly through out the year with activities that culminate in MAMA's Annual Children's Art Show, Award Ceremony and Children's Art Auction called FROM A KID'S POINT OF VIEW.